Let’s get rid of #Scrum!

2 March 2020 | 3
Lately, I have been bitching about Scrum on social media, saying that the waterfall model is still better than Scrum. But then what is the answer? We need some kind of model. Since my answer did not fit into the ... Read more »

Last call!

4 October 2019 | 0
If you would like to cast vote in the 2019 #JCP EC election next month, submit your membership application today. Voter eligibility deadline is Monday, October 7 PDT. Last call! Follow these 3 simple steps to join the #Java community ... Read more »

Join the #Java community!

18 September 2019 | 1
3 simple steps to join and get involved into the #Java community process:1) Sign up here.2) Login into jcp.org & fill out this form.3) Wait for an email & sign the electronic ... Read more »