How to handle Exceptions in Java

25 January 2015 | 0
In a nutshell, in Java, there are RuntimeExceptions, CheckedExceptions and Errors. 1. Errors are fatal occurrences you can’t handle – like an java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. You should do everything possible to code in such a way that it never happens, however, if it does, there ... Read more »

Mosquito Method

27 December 2014 | 0
Refactoring very dirty, 1000+ lines of procedural legacy code, without underlying unit tests at hand is one of the most dangerous programming activities possible, and as such often it is not touched at all. Today, I would like to introduce ... Read more »

Maintainable tests with Mockito

2 November 2014 | 0
Last thursday, I attended a conference where we compared the “Classic” with the “London School” of TDD. I turns out, many of you are not too familiar with Mocking / believe that mocking will link your test too tight to ... Read more »