Slow is Fast and Small is Big

22 Jul
I know most developers don’t waste much of their time choosing small things like package, class, method, or variable name. However, even the biggest architecture (something complex) stands on such small feet as little as a variable name. For me, ... Read more »

How to learn to estimate

7 Jul
Could you estimate your age? Hmm, not bad but not correct though. Because 23 days, 4 hours, 52 minutes and 59 seconds were missing ;-). Estimation is never and should never be something out of the blue. The more you ... Read more »

Java Gurus

15 Jun
Here’s a list of java guru’s I admire the most – they offer java education in form of publications, books or talks, on the most professional level I met so far. Kathy Sierra Robert C. Martin Joshua Bloch Brian Goetz ... Read more »