Slow is Fast and Small is Big

22 July 2014 | 0

I know most developers don’t waste much of their time choosing small things like package, class, method, or variable name. However, even the biggest architecture (something complex) stands on such small feet as little as a variable name.

For me, I would spend most of my effort in the smaller, not the bigger details. With this approach, the bigger stuff will then become not-so-big anymore because the more you concentrate on the small stuff, the less complicated everything gets.

Think of each package, class, method and variable name until you are sure it describes its exact(!) intend as close as possible. If you’re unsure, discuss with one or more of your colleagues. If you are not a native English speaker like me, use a dictionary and a thesaurus. Use websites like Wikipedia and Google as a native speaker, until you come up with the perfect name everyone understands (e.g. for a variable, you could use durationInSeconds instead of d, dur, or duration).


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