Free Java Course for Beginners


On this page I collect my free Free Java Course videos that will teach you to become a Clean Code Expert. All videos have English subtitles that can be activated on the bottom right of the video.

Episode 1 | Java Course Introduction

Episode 2 | Basic Java keywords explained – Practice Session

Episode 3 | Basic Java keywords explained – Debriefing

Episode 4 | Packages, Import Statements, Instance Members, Default Constructor

Episode 5 | Access and Non Access Modifiers

Episode 6 | Tools – IntelliJ Idea 14.1, Junit 4.12, Maven 3

Episode 7 | if/else statements and booleans

Episode 8 | loops: for, while and do while loop

Episode 9 | for-each loop

Episode 10 | arrays and enums

Episode 11 | enums and switch statement

Episode 12 | switch statement

Episode 13 | Java Logging with sl4j and logback

Episode 14 | deep dive into public static void main

Episode 15 | Checked and Unchecked Exceptions in Java

Episode 16 | Interfaces in Java

Episode 17 | Inheritance in Java

Episode 18 | Object finalize method

Episode 19 | Object clone method

Episode 20 | Object toString method

Episode 21 | Java autoboxing, Static Imports, Number Types and more

Episode 22 | HashCode and Equals

Episode 23 | Java Collections Framework Introduction

Episode 24 | ArrayList

Episode 25 | Linked List Data Structure

Episode 26 | LinkedList vs ArrayList

Episode 27 | Identity vs Equality in Java

Episode 28 | Comparable interface in Java

Episode 29 | Shallow vs. Deep Copy in Java

Episode 30 | Immutable Objects in Java

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